Yesterday Innovation Week began here at IWOOT. For a full seven days we will be bringing you new products, exciting methods and creative experiences. To celebrate the grand opening of our week of robots, gadgets and all things technical we will be bringing you the gadgets that have changed our lives.


In at number one is our Wallet Ninja. This nifty gadget encompassed sixteen tools in just one credit card shaped device. From screw drivers to bottle openers, box cutters and phone stands, the Wallet Ninja is the ultimate pocket tool.

A must have that none of us can live without has to be the Smartphone. Since bursting onto the scene this gadget has become a first favourite with everyone. How did we manage in the days before Instagram and Snapchat .



Can we ever go back to using a spoon? The Self Stirring Mug has revolutionised the way we drink hot beverages. Gone are the days of repetitive hand movements and clinking crockery, the self stirring mug is the future


There is nothing worse than running out of battery when on the move, thankfully the guys at Mayhem UK have covered all possible eventualities with their 3 in one power bank, torch and hand warmer.


Are you always loosing your keys? Well look no further than the Fetch My Keys dog, this faithful hound is attached to your keyring and barks when hearing your whistle, immediately helping to locate your keys.


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