I’m never excited about games or game launches. I leave that up to my two esteemed colleagues. Gone are the days when I would sit up all night, hammering my thumbs on my PS1 controller. In fact, the only game that ever really kept me up at night was the Tony Hawk series, but I lost interest at THUG 2. UNTIL I read about Tony Hawk: Ride. My colleagues, in their usual condescending manner, informed my ill-informed self that this would not be the resurrection of my gaming life. Apparently it’s all about Skate 2. WHATEVER. I love my Wii (I can hear them sniggering as they read this), and I love the Tony Hawk franchise. So I am officially announcing my excitement to the world. The thought of playing a game and using all that Wii motion tracking goodness on a skateboard deck is enough to make me do the sprinkler dance for an entire minute! It will also be available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.



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