Eddy Woot recently wrote a post about the new 360 Rubik’s cube. To wrap up the incessant whining about his inevitable Rubik’s cube failures he made the following bold declaration ‘I must beat this puzzle. I must win. Just once please, please let me win’. You see, I know Eddy Woot. I know that he will never achieve the Rubik’s cube glory he so desperately craves. How can I say that? Well right now I am looking at him over my monitor, watching him negotiate 18 pieces of copy for the upcoming catalogue with one hand, and balancing one cup of hot, piping, delicious coffee in the other (to help remove the bags under his eyes). His left eye is focused on his monitors, ensuring that tweeting, mailing and general marketing department placation occurs, whilst his other eye (he has evolved to the point of independent eye movement, chameleon stylee) is eyeing the Egyptian-esque pyramid of gadgets that keep on landing on his desk. So I have found the perfect Rubik’s cube for him. I know, that deep down, buried within the ‘Jimbo Woot is trying to kill me with cholesterol’ paranoia, he is going to really enjoy one of these.


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