For that moment when you realise your life has passed you by and all you have left is your trusty companion – your old faithful laptop, and feel the need to sit in bed surfing the internet… this laptop table is just for you.


From a company apparently called Nottable this dinky advance on the old 1970’s trend of eating your dinner in bed whilst listening to the latest strike on BBC news, is just the ticket if you can’t leave your laptop alone. It should also stop you from frying sensitive areas on the heat from the CPU, although we know DinoWoot sometimes enjoys this sensation… take a further look at Nottable’s website here.


If you’re more into hi-tech looking things they also do one made out of a quality bit of scaffolding which allows for more fluid movement and positioning, something which I’m sure is very important. It too can be used in the bedroom although you can’t eat your dinner off it easily.

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