I’m antipodean. This basically translates to my love of BBQs (or more aptly braai’s in my case), but more importantly, my love for beer. The problem with beers is that, unlike mixing spirits and soft drinks into one big bottle, you have to deal with the effort of lugging them around during festivals and other such events. A problem that has plagued man for quite some time.

Yes, there have been prior solutions, such as a taking a bag, but generally that’s filled with the missus’ four extra jumpers (it is England after all), her bottle of wine, a bottle of wine for whoever’s party we are going to, an umbrella, and some things that we quite clearly won’t need. Even with a braai, it becomes incredibly difficult to handle being the tong-master and having a fresh can in your hand as you constantly have to go back and forth to the fridge and lose your tong-master status in-between. The solution, my friends is upon us.  Below are some shots ofthe Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack.

“Next time you’re tailgating, camping or attending a BYOB party you can avoid those long, thirsty walks back to the cooler or the fridge by keeping a plethora of your favourite canned beers right on your chest.”

I want one. And I want one now!
Found via Geekologie.

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