You’re used to finding all sorts of quirky and cool bits and pieces from IWOOT, but we also ply a noble trade in experiences too. In fact, we love these experiences so much that we’ve launched a whole new website dedicated to them – they range from snowboarding to paintballing, from wine-tasting to indoor skydiving. Or there’s always driving a sofa. We’ve called it, quite logically, I Want One Of Those Experiences (or IWOOTE, as it’s becoming known), and we think it’s top.




Whatever you’re looking for (within reason, we can’t get you onstage with Take That or anything… not yet, anyway), just have a flick through the ridiculous range of experiences we’ve got and you’ll see something you or someone you know will fancy. Some are genteel and relaxing, some are utterly insane thrill-rides, and there’s quite bit in between. Head over here to discover the new site, and say goodbye to your lunch hour as you ponder exactly how one goes about Medieval Jousting.


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