Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the famous French writer and aviator, is widely quoted as saying: ‘He who would travel happily must travel light’. Whilst holidays are the perfect time to escape the stress and routine of everyday life, a refuge of tranquil, the reality is that we often find ourselves worrying about heavy and overstuffed suitcases, forgetting your fifth pair of Louboutins on the beach and breaking your newest sunglasses on that hike through the Lacandon Jungle. Our advice is to pack as light as you can, leave your mental baggage at home and appreciate the place of destination with an openness devoid of prejudice and expectations. There’s only a handful of items you truly need and below you’ll find IWOOT’s ultimate holiday checklist for a summer you’ll never forget.

Superspot 10400 MAH Universal Portable Charger Power Bank - Holiday Checklist

Superspot 10400 mAh Universal Portable Charger Power Bank

Next to losing your passport, one of the most important things you want to avoid on holiday is running out of phone battery when you most need it – be it for serious emergencies or just to quickly check Google Maps. Portable chargers have luckily been invented and the Superspot Power Bank 10400mAh is the crème de la crème amongst them. The charger is small in size, but has the capacity of the Mount Everest. It is compatible with tablets and smartphones and allows for multiple phone charges. It’s perfect to take with you on the go when you don’t have access to a socket, e.g. when you’re on the road, at a camping or on a hike. In other words, there’s no real excuse anymore for getting lost or forgetting to update your mum about your latest adventures. The Superspot Power Bank will solve the majority of your holiday problems.

Travelogue Holiday Memories Set - Holiday Checklist

Holiday Memories Set Travel Journal

Although no one expects you to become the new Byron or Kerouac, sharing memories of your latest trip and keeping track of all the places you’ve visited has historically never been a bad idea. The Travelogue Holiday Memories Set allows you to document everything ranging from budget plans and what time you have to catch that plane to your fondest memories and souvenirs. It even comes with travelling tips and advice and includes 8 miniature scratch maps that represent the different regions in the world so you can exactly see how big the world is and how little you’ve seen!


SMS Audio By 50 Cent Sync Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Holiday Checklist

SMS Audio By 50 Cent Sync Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

If you’re stuck on a desert island, what will you miss the most? As I’m sure many of you will agree with, a common answer is music. And good music deserves to be listened to through a decent headset! The SMS Audio By 50 Cent SYNC Wireless Bluetooth Headphones provide you with the ultimate listening experience in case you get stranded – or just want a moment for yourself on that 12-hour flight. The best thing about them? They’re wireless and connected with your device by Bluetooth. This prevents you from hassling with cables, so you can fully enjoy its impressive, clear range of sound. With a lightweight design that is easy to fold up and store away, these headphones are convenient to bring along and form the ultimate must-have on holiday!


The Selfie Stick - Holiday Checklist

The Selfie Stick by Mayhem UK

Okay, so we admit the Selfie Stick might not be absolutely necessary to take with you on holiday. In fact, some might argue you could better leave it at home. But what’s fun about seeing the Mona Lisa or the Eiffel Tower if you can’t share with friends that you’ve actually been there? Especially handy if you’re travelling alone!

This Selfie Stick by Mayhem UK extends up to one metre and comes with an adjustable clamp to secure your phone and arrange the angle of your shot. An earphone socket cable allows you to simply plug in, so you won’t lose the opportunity to catch a sudden, valuable moment. Hate it or love it, at least you’ll be left with a set of memorable pictures you wouldn’t want to miss for the world!

Make sure you tick off our holiday checklist before you go this year, and have a great trip!

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