Okay so when you get old – dressing up for Halloween might be more hassle than fun, but you’ve got to admit that dressing up your cat or dog is a blast no matter what your age. When we say that at IWOOT.com we provide gifts for everyone, we mean everyone. Cats and Dogs included! So if you’re looking for a Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift for your pet (and why wouldn’t you!?), then look no further…

The Pet Bow Tie

Don’t let Tiger distract you from this cute little bow tie! The Pet Bow Tie is the purrrfect (sorry, had to) gift for your pet this Halloween. It’s reversible so your cat or dog can switch between a funky red polka dot pattern and a plain black one for the more formal occasions. Occasions like your Halloween party. Pet butler, anyone?

 bow tie cat

Cat Play Houses

Okay so usually – you’d buy the pet first and then buy the accessories, right? But there’s something about these Cat Play Houses by Suck UK that’s making me think it’s going to be the other way round (if you don’t already have a cat we mean). In the office, we love these cat play houses!

Introducing The Cat Scratch DJ Deck. Just look at DJ Tiger, he’s a natural…

dj cat

Introducing The Pink Cadillac Playhouse, a.k.a The Pussy Wagon…

pussy wagon

That’ll be all folks! Happy Meowoween!

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