The vintage tea party is the new ‘it’ thing to do when you are hosting an event. Whether you are having a Birthday party, a baby shower or even a wedding, the Vintage tea party theme is a no-brainer! Gourmet Gadgetry have some pretty amazing new kitchen gadgets that will help you to be the hostess with the mostess & their cool pastel designs means they will look  pretty damn good in your kitchen too!TOP POPCORN MAKER pastel
Who doesn’t like popcorn? It’s a classic! It’s a lot healthier than most other snacks too, win, win! The Gourmet Gadgetry Popcorn Maker will allow you to make tasty and healthy popcorn in minutes! Don’t just stop at regular salted & sweetened popcorn, go the extra mile & add a new dimension to the crunchy dessert by drizzling your favorite chocolate over the top, mixing it in with melted marshmallow or even Oreo biscuits. Amazing, huh?
Vintage Tea Party Popcorn Maker sqFUSS FREE WAFFLE MAKER

Another classic is the waffle! Now you can make mini waffles from the comfort of your own home, no more of this ‘shop bought’ business *wink* the possibilities are endless with this handy ice cream cone waffle maker. Why not try making piñata ice cream cone cakes? Eat them like cake pops or if you are feeling really fancy, decorate a celebration cake & make a statement. Perhaps you want to try your hand at making homemade stroop waffles! With the Gourmet Gadgetry Ice Cream Cone Waffle Maker it couldn’t be easier!
Vintage Tea Party Ice Cream Cone & Waffle Dish Maker sq
Nothing screams vintage tea party like a fairy cake! The Gourmet Gadgetry Cupcake And Muffin Maker allows you to make seven tasty cupcakes or muffins in minutes so you have more time to wow your guests with your fancy cake topping skills! Muffins are also a top choice for the vintage theme. Basic but effective, blueberry muffins are always a winner! If the fact that this gadget is multitasking isn’t enough, it’s mint green colour is also super vintaaage, dahhhling, which is perfect for the tea party aesthetic.
Vintage Tea Party Cupcake & Muffin Maker sq

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