Now, the whole Orwellian argument against Google Street View might be a worn debate by now, but those pesky crims really need to watch out for the Google van when it drives past, yeah?

This silly chap (identity unknown for now, surely only a matter of time before the feds find him?) has been photographed in the driveway of someone whose caravan was stolen soon after the photo was taken. We’re not detectives here at IWOOT (though one of us is considering buying a Sherlock Holmes hat), but that’s got to be a bit of a clue. Flippin’ Google won’t give details of the number plate to the police though, so they’ve resorted to asking the public instead. Whether they find the culprit or not, the omnipresence of Google Street View could go some way to fighting crime or, conversely, to ‘1984’ becoming a non-fiction work.

Via the Beeb.

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