We love it when styles and favourite signature items from the past come back into fashion. It gives us the chance to blow the dust off the items in the attic and fill our lives with retro chic. Better still, you can now enjoy these nostalgic items with a renewed 21st century twist, bringing the eras we love back to life. Here are just a few of our favourite retro gift ideas we have available at IWOOT. Why not get your loved one something this Christmas that will bring back fond memories of years gone by?

Retro Slushie Maker

Hey doll, what can I get ya? Indulge in 1950s American dining with this very sleek miniature slushie maker from Nolstagia Electrics. This beautifully finished kitchen appliance will help you make Christmas entertaining a little more fun. Keep the kids entertained with delicious frosty refreshments and why not get creative and treat yourselves to a cheeky margarita or mojito! Don’t drink them too fast now, you might get brain freeze! Click here to find out more…this item is also featuring in our Black Friday deal this weekend.


Tetris Light

This Tetris lamp is hard not to love. Now, at first glance you may think the pieces are set in place, but you are mistaken. Each Tetris piece is it’s own entity and only comes to life when placed onto another piece, genius. Simply plug in the blue I-shape and get stacking! This colourful side lamp would be the perfect gift for boys and girls, or just for those who enjoy an element of fun in their living room. Click here for more information.


iPhone Cassette Case and Stand

Were you one of those people that recorded the Top 40 every Sunday, or have you ever lovingly created a mixtape for someone you admire? If so then you will probably just love this funky little iPhone cover. This cool rubber cover comes complete with a cassette tape case that doubles up as a stand so you can enjoy silly Christmas videos wherever you are. Click here to view this item.


Retro Sweet Jar

Reminisce about the day of the penny sweet and indulge in some fun packed sweetie goodness. With Refresher bars, cola bottles and Double Dips, there really couldn’t be a better way to feast on goodies whilst watching your favourite Christmas film. This would be a perfect gift for kids or just for those who have a sweet tooth. Click here to find out more.

Pac Man Heat Changing Mug

Why not bring a bit of 80s gaming to the office and surprise a colleague with this brilliant heat changing Pac Man mug? Watch as they pour a steaming cup of their favourite beverage and see the classic game of chase come to life before their eyes. Click here to find out more.


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