Whether you are looking for luxurious gifts for him or some little additional gifts for her, we have a wide range of gadget gifts and accessories to feast your festive eyes upon this Christmas. Ranging from cheap and chips to something a little more special, you are bound to find gathering Christmas gifts for your loved ones easy at our gadget shop. To give you an idea of what we have in store, see below for just some of our favourite gadget gift ideas.

Stocking Fillers – iCrayons

With keypads a thing of the past, smart phones and tablets are now a fixed part of our lives so why not add a bit of fun to the use of the touch screen with these little beauties! Coming in a range of colours, enjoy a bit of old school colouring in with these funky iCrayon styluses. Click here to find out more. For more iPhone gadgets click here.


Gadgets for Kids – Air Swimmers

Although you may regret the fright this gadget will give you when it appears into the room on it’s own, give the kids a laugh with this brilliant Angry Birds Air Swimmer. All you have to do is pop down to your local party balloon shop to fill it with helium and watch as the children marvel at the angry bird come to life and swim through the living room as if it were in a tank of water! Click here to view.


Office Gadgets – Nanodots

Can you guess what it is yet? Feed your creativity at work with this 21st century alternative to the stress ball. Without realising, you’ll find yourself fiddling with these addictive magnetic dots whilst you problem solve, release stress or just wait for home time. If you are not sure what gifts to get for your friends at work this Christmas then perhaps this is just what you are looking for…plus it means you’ll get to play with them too! Click here to find out more.


Gadgets for the Active – CyFi Wireless Sports Speaker

If you know someone who commutes on their pushbike to work with their headphones in, why not make their journey a little safer with this brilliant audio gadget. This handy little device comes with a bracket to fit to the handlebars of your bike so all you have to do is plug in the transmitter to your phone, turn the speaker on, press play and off you go…cycling to the beat of your favourite tunes has never been so easy. Click here to find out more.


The Ultimate Gadget – App Controlled Sphero 2.0

If your fella has a slight obsession with remote control cars, or you know someone who loves to create the ultimate stunt tricks with their gadgets…then this is a must! If you wanted to spend out for something really special that will give hours of fun, then this could be the perfect gift. Complete with two ramps, this smart little sphere will have you stunting into the early hours and with the ability to light up in the dark, not even nightfall will stop you. Click here to view a trailer of this fantastic little gadget.


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