Here at IWOOT we feel it’s our mission to bring you the greatest and most fanciful home inspo. This week we are looking at the best ideas for reviving your Spring garden, from lighting to planters we’ve picked our garden essentials to share with you at home. Don’t have a garden? No worries, our ideas cover inside as well as out.


Welcome wildlife into your garden with these great feeders. The butterfly bowl is our favourite garden inspo for this spring. All you need is a a bowl, water, a spoonful of honey and a sponge.


Mix nine parts water with one part honey and boil in a pan.

Leave the mixture to cool then pour into the bowl.

Cut the sponge up and add to the bowl.



Creating a Bee Box could prove a bit more difficult, however we think it’s definitely worth it. Attracting bees to your garden is the best way to ensure strong, healthy, beautiful plants.


First you will need to find a wooden box, then fill it with rolls of paper or cut up pieces of bamboo reeds. When the box is full and nothing is moving around, place upright and attach to a wall or tree.



Make your own terrarium with just a glass jar and dirt or invest in our amazing glass house terrarium and fill with wonderful succulents and cacti.




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