It may feel like you said adeus to the World Cup just yesterday, but the start of the Premier League is only a week away! Whether you are a football fanatic or can’t stand sitting still for 90 minutes, we have created an IWOOT Football Party Guide to make sure everyone is happy this season. Have a look through our tips and ideas and get everyone excited for August 16th!

Stadium Fans

1. Team up!

By inviting friends and family you can ensure that both football lovers and haters have people on their team to spend time with, whether they’re watching the football or not. Make sure younger children have friends of a similar age and a selection of football games so they can be part of the fun without having to concentrate for 90 minutes!

2. Kick it all off with decorations

Make your house football friendly with themed glasses and flags. Decorate yourselves too with kits and scarves or our football socks if you want to join in without committing to a team!

3. Be on the ball with your bar accessories

Avoid having to run back and forth from the fridge, invest instead in a Giant Beer Stein for beer and soft drinks or Bottle Chillers to make sure you and your guests have full, cold drinks for those nerve-racking moments!

4. Have a game plan!

Make sure you have snacks within reach and great football orientated accessories to serve them in. Also ensure you have something prepared for afterwards, if your team is unlucky with the score, then help cheer up the supporters with a warm traditional pie straight from the oven. If you want to make something more original, change the typical football stadium food for tasty tapas treats or gourmet hot dogs that are easy to prepare in advance.

5. Don’t watch from the sidelines

Get involved in the match! Whether you want to compete against your partner’s team or support your friend’s race for the title, make sure to get competitive and join in.

Setting up a sweep stake at the start of the season can also keep non-football fanatics involved all season long, it will make any neutral games a little more lively too!


Start the season with a win! Let us know how you will be spending the first day of the Premier League and be in with a chance of winning Beer Bottle Chillers and a Subbuteo Chelsea Team Set worth over £20!


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