Festival season is in full swing! Make sure you are fully prepared to have the best Summer of your life with these handy IWOOT festival essentials!


Milestone Camping 4 Man Tent
First things first, you are going to need somewhere to sleep. This tent might not be a match for your regular boudoir bit it will keep you warm & dry! It fits four people comfortably, or just you if you aren’t the sharing type.

Three In One Powerbank
The powerbank is fast becoming the ultimate festival essential! Nobody wants to run out of charge so stay 100% on your socialite a-game with this 3 in 1 powerbank. Yes, that’s right, it is also a torch which is fantastic for helping you to stumble walk back to your tent at night and it is a handy hand warmer, so it will keep your fingers nice & toasty.

Happy Jackson ‘Vodka’ Water Bottle
Staying hydrated is important! This playful vodka, oops sorry, water bottle has a super handy grab strap which is great for daytime (and night time) carrying. Plus it’s easy – to – use drinking spout means no messing around with unscrewing or misplacing bottle tops. No excuses!

Butterfly Umbrella
The weather might not always be on your side but this doesn’t mean you can’t stay stylish! This Butterfly umbrella will keep you dry & looking chic. Also, it is a great beacon for finding missing members of your festival party after they have been on the old portaloo run. You have got to love a multi-use product.

Pocket Selfie Click Stick
Capture every festival moment. Simply plug in and snap away! This pocket sized selfie stick is the perfect portable iphone (and Android) photographers assistant. Make sure you are carrying this bad boy around with you at all times so you never miss a snap!

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