Though February is a short month, it seems to have had no effect on your reviewing capabilities – once again, we’ve been flooded. It takes the best part of a morning to wade through the written reviews alone, so next month we want to see it upped to a whole day. Come on, make DannyWoot’s working life as difficult as possible!

So, without any further prattle, here are this month’s lucky winners of a whole heap of IWOOT Vouchers:

LizzyMac wins a not-to-be-looked-at-with-scorn £50 IWOOT Voucher for her written review of the Terrorist Teapot:

“Hilarious, and fast!
I am incredibly impressed. Being disorganised I left my Valentine’s shopping until the Friday afternoon (Sunday being Valentine’s Day) and finally decided on this little fella. Not an appropriate V Day gift some of you might say? Well you don’t know my boyfriend! He is a tea fiend, absolutely obsessed with tea I tell you! To my utmost surprise (after warning said tea fiend that his present wouldn’t arrive until Monday) we were woken at 10am on Saturday by the postie… with a lovely IWOOT box in his hands. Needless to say, I had no chance of getting the prezzie and keeping it until the Sunday – the boyf had it open in 30 seconds flat! He was giddy with excitement, and proceeded to brew up some tea there and then (chai in case you were interested)! The teapot has been proclaimed “a good ‘un” and works just as well as a normal teapot, only better looking! He is thoroughly happy with his Valentine’s Day present! And what did I get? Flowers and chocolates…”

Stephyj1 is awarded an actually-I-can-do-quite-a-bit-with-that £75 IWOOT Voucher for this picture of the Snug Rug in (non) action:

We're assuming this was sent in with the subject's consent...

And finally, the winner of our crikey-I-just-did-a-double-take-without-a-trace-of-irony £150 IWOOT Voucher is Raggy, who nips around department stores and turns televisions off with our delightful Telly Terminate. Why he feels the need to titter incessantly over the top of this fine slice of guerilla-lite action is beyond us, but what an effort.

I’d have the same reaction if Loose Women was on. If you fancy winning yourself a lovely voucher to call your own and joining the ranks of hallowed past winners, then all you need to do is enter a review of something you’ve bought from IWOOT, be it written, snapped or videoed. See you next month!

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