We live in a day and age where nearly every person in this country has a mobile phone. Netbooks are the new laptops, and smartphones are the new netbooks. Mobile phone providers are offering packages featuring everything from, ‘unlimited’ internet access to free unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls. ‘Eco-friendly’ is no longer just a buzz-word – it’s becoming the motivation for serious innovation. The hydrogen car, for example. Robots are here. Not quite Skynet or OCP style, but the global robot race is constantly getting faster and more challenging with leaps and bounds in robotic innovation. HD TV is kind-of here, we have re-invented the way we interact with gaming consoles (just look at the Wii or Tony Hawk Ride), people are building Smart Homes that they can log into and control the temperature on their toilet seat (my guess is that this must be ‘Paul’s’ house) so that it’s a nice happy warm temperature when you get home to your throne. Soon people will be embarking on the first commercial flight into space. So Jimbo, what the hell are you on about?

Basically, after all of this acknowledgement for how advanced we are, why, oh why, is it that companies, (I must add – BIG companies) still ask you to FAX things to them. Yes, FAX. According to Wikipedia (a source as reliable as Michael Moore) the fax was finally polished and honed in 1985.

The object of Jimbo's frustration

So, when I was recently asked to FAX a claim, I queried how long the response time to my fax would be. It was then explained to me that my Fax would go through to the sorting department, who then SCAN it in, then attach the SCAN to the relevant query number. It should be done in 3 days.

3 days? Seriously, am I the only one who has an image of a Third World sweat-shop-like floor in one our nation’s largest banks? Take a FAX off the pile, put it into the SCANNER, SCAN. SAVE FILE. PLACE FILE IN CLIENT FOLDER. REPEAT.

I would really like to cruise in there, and give them a demonstration of this new awesome technology. It’s called EMAIL. How it works is quite simple. You ask me to EMAIL you the Claims form. I then SCAN it in, EMAIL it DIRECTLY to YOU and then you get it within a matter of seconds (possibly minutes, because you are probably still on dial-up). Then we can discuss it almost instantly. You see, there is a thing called the internet – AND I HEARD IT’S GOING TO BE BIG!

So all this leaves me with the question that promptly ended my telephone conversation – ‘Are you from the past?’.

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