You may remember our Father’s Day feature form last year, where we picked a selection of gifts for different types of dads, well now we’re back for Father’s Day 2015 with a whole new range of products! As we know, our dads are different, some are into music, some are into art, some dads like food, and some like beer. Here at IWOOT we aim to cater for all fathers, step-fathers and guardians, and we recognise that no gift fits all. With that in mind, it’s a good job we stock a huge range of different products, so let’s get stuck into it and unveil the best choices of gifts for different types of dads!

When is Father’s Day 2015?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s be clear on one thing first: the date. It’s no use picking out a thoughtful gift if you give it on the wrong date, or wrong month altogether. I’m as guilty as anybody else for forgetting dates, so let’s clear this up once and for all: Father’s Day 2015 is Sunday 21st June!

The Technology Dad

The Technology Dad has his finger on the pulse in terms of the latest, most advanced technology products and innovations, so this year, we’ve brought you a triple-whammy of high-tech pieces.

tech dad

For Tech Dad we’ve got the understated, sleek Bang & Olufsen Beoplay headphones, which incorporate an ultra-modern design with high-quality sound functionality. Team this with the Beoplay A3 Ipad Dock you’ve got options for listening to music in the park, kicking back with a film outside, or using both to create portable, personal cinema experience for your Technology dad.

Finally, we’ve got the Veho Saem Bluetooth Receiver, which allow any pair of headphones to become a wireless headset, with a built-in ‘music interrupt’ feature, ensuring you never miss a call. Techno Dads (no, not rave gods), will be over-the-moon with gifts like this from IWOOT, if they can plug in, connect and enjoy, then you’ll have made their day.

Buy Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Headphones | Buy Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A3 Dock | Buy Veho Saem VBR-001-S Bluetooth Receiver

The Retro Dad

You know the kind, the Dad that’s always stuck in the past, whether it’s a penchant for Star Wars merchandise, an obsession for black and white films, or just a fondness for dodgy flares, we all know them. We’re going to sort your Retro Dad out with a collection of time-bombs, a gaggle of gifts from the past, a true treat for the man of history.

The Smartphone Projector will transform your Dad’s phone film files into old cinema-house flicks, while the 5 in 1 Slush and Treat Maker will open your Dad’s eyes up to a world of DIY food-making. If your Dad is a real old-time retro lover, then maybe the Star Wars Millennium Falcon is the toy he needs!

retro dad

Smartphone Projector | Smart Retro 5 in 1 Slush and Treat maker | Star Wars Millennium Falcon

The Arty Dad

If your Dad’s got a soft spot for anything artistic and creative, then maybe his Father’s Day gift should reflect that. For a visual-boost and a bit of eye-candy, we recommend the Indiana Jones Starburst Print, the ‘Friends’ Marcel Print, or the humorous Bathroom Rules Print.

art dad

Indiana Jones Starburst Print Bathroom Rules Print ‘Friends’ Marcel Print

The Lad Dad

If all else fails and your Dad’s a real man’s man, then you can’t go wrong with booze, gambling and more booze. Here at IWOOT, we don’t encourage gambling, in fact we’d much rather you have fun with Shot Roulette, which lets you gamble with shots instead of money! To satisfy your Dad’s beer needs, forget the stand glasses and mugs, buy him a 2 Litre Jar or a Giant Stein!

lad dad

Mixology Mason 2 Litre Jar | Shot Roulette | Giant Beer Stein

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