After a couple of weeks of severely embarrassing dad stories, we’ve selected the ones we believe are the best. Or worst, depending on your point of view. Either way, the winners will have one of our Gyro Flyer RC Helicopters sent to them so they can give it to their dads for Father’s Day (don’t forget it folks, it’s this Sunday!) and feel extremely good about themselves.

Without further ado, here are the winning stories:

Sam Bruce: “For some reason when my dad takes me and my mates to certain places, he suddenly becomes Lewis Hamilton in the F1 car, making engine noises really loudly and screeching as he goes round the corners. As if it couldn’t get any worse he then pretends he’s James Bond and his car now has rocket launchers. By this point, I’m attempting to stop my dad, who then just makes a bigger deal about saving the world. Understandably when you’re 8 it’s actually ok, you’ve still got a young imagination and you enjoy these things. But when you’re 17 with two guys and a girl the same age, you just want to shoot yourself.”

Alex Perea: “My dad’s a walking embarrassment, but I think the best/most cringe-worthy thing I remember him doing was while we were on holiday in France. We were on the top floor of a double-decker metro train (those things are awesome) and it was pretty crowded. We had seats, but more people were getting on, including an attractive young woman. My dad, being the master of good manners, made to offer her his seat. Without knowledge of the language, he decided to use good old ‘sign language’ instead which, in this case, meant gesturing repeatedly at his crotch for about thirty seconds to indicate the seat. Despite our cries for him to stop, he didn’t seem to see the problem with gesturing between his legs at a young woman, who gave him the most dirty look before leaving the carriage. Guess who won’t be playing Charades at the next Christmas party?”

Roland Martin: “Years ago my dad went to the shops and while he was out he decided to weigh himself at the chemist, as they had public scales in those days. He got on and was absolutely mortified to find he had put on 2 stone in days. As he stood there confused, the kind lady behind the counter came over to him and took his bags of shopping off him!”

Rachel Mse Medhurst: “My Dad used to pick me up from places in his car and whenever I would go to reach for the door handle, he would pull away slightly so I couldn’t quite get it. I would then walk up to the door and try again and he’d keep doing it, all the while my friends would be watching and laughing. One time he did it so I lunged for the handle, hoping I could get it in time… I fell flat on my face. We could all hear my dad laughing hysterically in the car!”

Bella Smyth: “Well it would have to be when we went to see Tina Turner in London. Me and him were dancing along and the next thing we knew this blonde lass grabbed dad and started kissing him. Thought that was bad enough, only to look up and see it plastered on the screens all around Wembley. Oh, the embarrassment…”

Well, you know what Tina Turner fans are like. Very well done everyone, and thanks for your entries! you can still have a read of all the embarrassing stories if you pop across to our Facebook wall.

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