As you may have noticed, there’s been some serious competition for the most embarrassing story over on our Facebook wall – truly, it’s been like walking through a gallery of humanity at its most unfortunate.

Someone has to win, however, and won someone has. So without much further ado (well, maybe a bit more ado…), we’re pleased to say that Alison Reid is our worthy winner. A pair of Walkie Talkie Watches will be winging their way towards her very swiftly indeed.

Here is her story, unedited to preserve the shocking embarrassment:

“i have a job interview in an hour, and its a 50 minute drive to get there (at least). so, the mad panic is well and truly setting in, get dressed, put on make up, no time for a shower so lets try damage control on the hair…not to bad thinks me, a passable effort at humanity looks back at me in the mirror. i get to th…e interview in time and not too frazzled, it goes well, i think i’m in with a good chance, i’m even getting the little tour of the office before i leave. i get back in the car feeling like i pulled of the save of the century., only to look down and realise that i not only have two different shoes on but i also have my knee length pyjama bottoms on under the skirt that i pulled in in my hurry that morning and they certainly dont emit the air of professionalism i was aiming for…i didnt get the job, and to this day i firmly believe that i was taken on the tour of the office so that everyone could see exactly how stupid i looked!”


The five runners up are Hel Cruse, John Hynes, Lee Perry, Julie Booth and Nikki Knox Parsons. Well done chaps, have a Food Face Plate each!

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