This weekend, I will be leaving the safety and warmth of the IWOOT bubble and flinging myself into the dirty, noisy, sticky and exceptionally well-heeled world of ‘alternative music’. That’s right: I will be joining several thousand other like-minded nerds at the ATP Festival in Minehead, Somerset.

The event is being curated by My Bloody Valentine, a band whose leader, Kevin Shields, we waxed lyrical about on this very blog a couple of months ago. That guitar set-up is proper-sick. As you might expect, given the uber-nerdiness of such a festival, My Bloody Valentine’s aural assault looks set to destroy my tiny little eardrums (and not for the first time – a previous encounter last year left me almost deaf for a day or two afterwards). What makes me so sure of this? The following sentence taken from the festival’s website:

“Earplugs will be provided for my bloody valentine sets.”

Can’t wait.

As a result of this whimsical music rubbish, we may have to delay the result of the iPhone competition until Tuesday morning – hope that’s alright! The deadline for entries remains 10AM on Monday morning though. See you (not hear you) Tuesday!

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