IWOOT is proud to be supporting the incomparable Dr. Steve Fabes as he attempts a quite-frankly ludicrous challenge. Cycling The 6 involves the intrepid Doctor cycling across the 6 continents, non-stop over a period of four-and-a-half years in support of Merlin, the UK specialist charity that gives international aid to health services affected by natural disasters, conflict and disease. He set off at the beginning of January, so let’s hope he remembered to turn the heating off. In purely mathematical terms, this huge challenge encompasses 50,000 miles, 1,800 days, 60 countries and 6 continents.

Because he’s evidently a techno-savvy sort of chap (he’s being sponsored by IWOOT, remember!), he’s keeping a thoroughly entertaining blog about the whole adventure, the latest of which details some canine encounters and a sinister flag. And some cycling, of course.

Dr. Steve camps

Here’s an extract:

“Even the Albanian flag, a black two headed eagle on a red background, to me looked decidedly sinister. I decided my idea of adventure probably stopped short of risking losing vital body parts in exploding land mines and on my journey I reasoned my legs would be quite useful accessories. I would get my head down and edge northeastwards.”

Crikey! He’s like Michael Palin with added explosives or something. If you want to read the rest of this scintillating entry, go here. To donate and learn more about the Good Doctor’s challenge, go here. More as we hear it!

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