It seems that zombies are the least of our worries – dinosaurs have invaded Germany.

We’re joking of course – but they could’ve done a better job of acting surprised than the decidedly ‘not fussed’ host and his junior accomplice. The moment when the first dinosaur runs out is pure theatre (even if it’s not quite as surprising when you see the puppeteer’s legs), and as baffling as it is surprising – the virtue of the whole clip being in German means we’ve no idea that this might even happen. But the reactions, though. Come on. Wouldn’t you be delirious with fear? Or, if you knew they weren’t real, giggling like a goon? Apparently these stoic professionals (with Valkyrie hats on) are apparently wise to even the most deadly predators:

Yes, it sort of tails off towards the end, but still. Jurassic Park may be the daddy (I still remember seeing it in the cinema and watching the velociraptor kitchen scene with my hands over my mouth in terror), but these puppets make the whole concept of a live-action dino-flick tantalisingly close. Very impressive.

Thanks to Geekologie for spotting.

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