Top notch gadgets and a Giant Brushed Stainless Steel Hip Flask, a toasty onesie and a smart set of cufflinks, a dashing new watch and a thrilling Experience Day – we list you the gifts and gadgets that will make Dad smile this Christmas.

Swap Mobile Phone Watch.

This watch leaves us speechless. It’s possibly the most awesome watch we’ve ever seen! And we’ve seen a lot of epic gifts and gadgets on our travels as we source the coolest things known to man. It’s a watch that doubles up as a mobile phone. No – seriously! Does your Dad need to check his emails on the go? Maybe he wants to go online, download some music – listen to music – snap some pictures (yep he could do that), make his own film (yep it enables him to do that too) or even watch a film. The watch allows him to do all of this – and acts as a mobile phone! Genius. Click here to buy.30000628-1309855099-401027


Supercar Driving Thrill with Passenger Ride.

If your Dad’s a thrill seeker who loves living on the edge, this experience day would be the perfect Christmas gift for him. Don’t be predicable by treating your Dad to a pair of socks this Christmas. Surely he deserves a little more thought than that! Give him a memorable gift he’ll never forget. Click here to buy.



Tetris Cufflinks – 2 Pack

Help your Dad bring his A-game with these game inspired cufflinks. Click here to buy.



Star Wars Men’s Darth Vader Adult Jumpsuit – Black.

Whether the force is strong within your Dad or he just likes to wear a giant baby-grow – we think hell love this Star Wars Jumpsuit. Don’t forget you can currently save 30% on this jumpsuit! Click here to buy.



Locklite Mini Key Torch

Wondering what gift would make a great stocking filler for Dad? Look no further! A cool gadget to have handy, the Locklie Mini Key Torch will stop your Dad from fumbling about in the dark trying to find the keyhole. Priced at £6.99, it won’t break the bank either and you’ll have plenty of cash left to splash on some other stocking fillers. Click here to buy.



Fire Stash Keyring Lighter

You know Dads love practicality! The Fire Stash keyring lighter is a great gift for your Dad if he enjoys camping and the great outdoors or if he is a smoker. It’s only £7.99, click here to buy.




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