IWOOT Blog hero Sir Clive Sinclair, the inventor of the Sinclair C5 amongst several other things, has admitted that he doesn’t use a computer. At all. Despite creating a whole load of them in the 80s. Surprising, eh? Take a look at this little exchange between Sinclair and a Guardian interviewer:

“I don’t use a computer at all. The company does.”

“So you don’t do email?”

“No. I’ve got people to do it for me.”

“If friends and family want to communicate?”

“They can do that. We’ve got a computer in the front office, but I get someone to do it for me.”

“That seems odd to me. Why is that?”

“Sheer laziness I think. I can’t be bothered.”

“Do you not know how to operate it?”

“I do know how to, but I don’t.”

“Sorry to press, but it seems the simplest thing in the world to do your own emails.”

“Well I find them annoying. I’d much prefer someone would telephone me if they want to communicate. No, it’s not sheer laziness – I just don’t want to be distracted by the whole process. Nightmare.”

Fair enough, but this little nugget of info got us thinking – what seemingly everyday devices do you not use? Are you like Sir Clive and have a league of helpers to do your emails? Do you point-blank refuse to watch the telly? Or can you not stomach the thought of hopping in the car? Let us know below…

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