We’re in to the month of December and Christmas really is all around us. Christmas sales, Christmas shopping and Christmas songs are everywhere to be seen. So here at IWOOT, we’ve put together some Christmas cocktail and mocktail recipes, so you can stay warm on a Saturday night with a festive drink, or treat your friends with our IWOOT Christmas party ideas!

The Classic One

mulledwine2festive mug

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a mulled treat. Pull out your family sized pan and mix together:

100g light muscovado sugar, with 1 cinnamon stick, 150 ml water and 4 cloves.

Let your potion simmer for a couple of minutes and then add a thinly sliced lemon and clementine to the mixture.

After, pour a 750ml bottle of red wine over and let it heat until it’s hot, but don’t let it boil.

Gather some pretty heat proof glasses/ a festive Christmas jumper mug and serve your deliciously festive treat!

The Indulgent One

Baileys MilkshakeBaileys Milkshake 2

Christmas is a time for over-indulgence. It’s alright to eat chocolate for breakfast, to buy presents galore and to watch endless hours of Christmas television or festive films. So why not add to the indulgence and make a Bailey’s milkshake, to have by your side as you decorate your Christmas tree!

Add 1 scoop of chocolate ice cream with 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, 1 banana and 100ml (2 shots) of Baileys. Then blend until smooth,and serve to your friend, wrapped up in a blanket by a nice warm fire.

Swap baileys for a shot of chocolate or caramel sauce to make your cocktail a non-alcoholic mocktail!

The Fancy One

Amaretto FizzCocktail Fusion Shaker

Simple but festive, Amaretto Fizz is a perfect treat and easy to make for a large group of people. So if you’re planning on getting the family round to your house before Christmas, or if you’ve offered, last-minute to host the work after party,  then this is the drink for you!

Using a cocktail shaker, mix together 8 shots of our favourite festive spirit, Disaronno, with 600ml orange juice, ice and sparkling, white wine.

To garnish, add some strips of orange zest both in the cocktail and on the glass for decoration.

Just swap the amaretto for a cherry syrup and wine for sparkling apple juice to make your cocktail a mocktail!

One for Christmas Day

If you and your friends have a Christmas Eve tradition, where you go in to town for a few drinks, or get festive and watch Christmas films with Christmas cocktails, then you may be feeling a little worse for wear on Christmas day. So we have a Christmas savior, the not-so-sacred Mary, the Bloody Mary! So cook yourself a fry-up, or entertain the kids with a themed breakfast, so you can rest your eyes for a little while longer!

bloody mary10768125-1361900515-861512


Add together 150ml of Tomato Juice, vodka, the juice of half a lemon, a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce (to taste), a dash or two of Tabasco sauce (to taste). Sprinkle with salt, pepper and a couple of ice cubes and sip, so you can feel all Christmassy again!

Share your festive cocktail recipes with us in the comments box below! We’d love to see some pictures of your favourites!

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