I love cake. You love cake. We all love cake. This is a given. There are two ladies, though, that love cake more than all of us. Strangely, they’re both called Barbara. The IWOOT offices have seen an awful lot of cake recently – for some reason people have been having birthdays all at once – and we’re getting a little obsessed. These two cakey ladies seem to have read our collective minds.

Barbara Jo and Barbara May are in the cake-making business, but this is slightly more impressive than one or two tiers on a wedding cake or the odd splash of food colouring. They’ve interpreted cake design as a real art form and as a more than slightly industrial process. These tasty treats are staggering in their detail, and amazingly inventive to boot.

Take a look at their latest creation – the TARDIS cake:



This is not simply a column of cakey goodness – there are lights, illuminations, electronics and much more involved in this two-feet-tall masterpiece. The attention to detail is staggering, and matched (we hope) by the taste. Would you really want to eat a TARDIS though? Something that is reputedly bigger on the inside than the outside is going to play havoc with anyone’s waistline.

Elsewhere, the two Barbaras (can anyone think of an appropriate collective noun for more than one Barbara?) have made some astonishing works over the last year or two – visit their website to see them in all their glory. My favourite is this Poo-Flinging Monkey cake. Charmer.


All this cake experimenting reminds me of the time my mum made my older brother a cake in the shape of the Ewok Village from Return Of The Jedi. Rest assured, it was epic.

Thanks DebbieWoot for spotting the two Barbaras first!

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