Although often considered to be an addition to a room rather than the main attraction, lighting should never be something that’s overlooked. Here’s a selection of our top 5 lighting choices so you can turn your house into a home. Let’s just call them, glowing recommendations.

Graypants Aussie Pendant Lamp

Inject a little drama in any room with the Graypants Aussie Pendant Lamp. It’s chic, stylish and unapologetically gorgeous. Not only will it warm up any room, but if you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated then this is the lamp for you. Click here to read more.

graypants light


Tetris Light

Not that the Tetris Light needs any introduction, but this iconic lamp is perfect for the modern, quirky home. Click here for more information.




Mini Retro Style Desk Lamp Book Light – Red

You know – your room is not the only space that needs a lamp. Little desk lamps will come in handy more than you think. Whenever you need a little extra light, whether you’re readying, eating or working, the Mini Retro Style Desk Lamp Book Light will be your savior. Whether you’d prefer it in classic black or red, click here for more information.

desk light



Space Invaders Colour Changing Lamp

Trade traditional lighting for a something a little more retro with the Space Invaders Colour Changing lamp. The lamp has four different light modes ranging from fixed, flash, fade and smooth. Click here for more information on this iconic statement lamp.

colour changing lamp



Bright Idea USB Light

Perfect for when you’re working late and you need a little extra light on your laptop or computer. The Bright Idea USB Light also glows in the dark when when it’s not in use. Genius, we know. Click here for more information.


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