If that’s not a headline to get you clicking through, I don’t know what is. After thoroughly terrifying us with their equally bizarre dinosaur ballet (which we featured here), further confirmation that German variety television is a truly unhinged affair can be found in the below video. I’m no linguist, but it seems that this particular segment follows a You Bet!-style format of challenging someone to complete a task that literally only they would have a chance of completing. I mean, do you know anyone that could identify Star Wars Lego characters just by how they felt in their mouth?

Favourite bits: the spooky version of the Star Wars theme in the background, the spittoon-style pot that the poor child has to plop the figurines into, and the bit where the obviously confused host makes up the names of Boba Fett’s parents. “Mama Fett, Papa Fett?”

Genius. Though you have to wonder about the home life of a child that can actually complete this task with 80% accuracy. Furthermore, could this same challenge be carried out with these?

Via Geekologie.

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