Prank your friend’s this April Fool’s Day

Here at IWOOT we can’t wait to prank our colleagues on Friday. April Fool’s Day is the best time to get the upper hand on the people that you work with and we have picked our favourite pranks to help you win the office battle.

Flip Your Friend’s Computer Screen

Hit Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow. This key command rotates your monitor screen to 180 degrees. Watch as your friend logs into their computer only to find that their screen is the wrong way round. However, do bear in mind is that this key only works with computers with Intel graphic chipsets and may not work on all PCs.


Switch the Mouse Key Buttons

Go into Mouse Properties through the Control Panel. Open the buttons tab then click the Switch Primary and Secondary check box.



The Post It Desk

The old ones are definitely the best and we still love the classic post it notes all over the desk trick. Yes it’s immature but so worth it when you see how annoyed your friend gets.




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