Crikey we’re nostalgic, aren’t we? If it wasn’t enough for us to ceremonially mark the birthday of Windows 95 yesterday, we’ve now gone all gooey over BBC Computers. When I was but a lad of primary school age, these alien pieces of technology (we were an Amstrad family) seemed unwieldy, almost scary – but get a game of Tanks going and suddenly the fear subsides. Ah, the healing power of armed combat…

Even with their relatively basic (quite literally BASIC, in fact) operating functions, it seemed an unassailable piece of kit, to be bettered only by alien technology or the arrival of Buck Rogers in an IT lesson. While you’re playing Granny’s Garden, the thought of there being any sort of more advanced computing intellect seems like the idle dream of an impossible optimist.

It’s heartening, then, to learn that some students have turned to the trusty old relic for insight into how modern computers work:

Via the BBC, logically enough.

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