Us IWOOTers were forced to toil in darkness earlier today (well, it certainly wasn’t as bright as usual… and it was raining…) when our power unexpectedly went ‘pop’. Though the shock was initially overwhelming and asseverations of ‘blimey’, ‘crumbs’ and ‘oh, fiddlesticks’ were flying around the place like nobody’s business, we had to knuckle down and accept that it was someone else’s job to turn it back on.


So what did we do? We played Jenga, had a sing-song, kicked a football around, had an early lunch and generally invoked the spirit of the Blitz. What ho and all that. Who says Friday 13th is all bad?

Customer Services tune out the darkness


Just in case you’re wondering, the title is in reference to the 5ive song of the same name. Other power/electricity-related songs include Huey Lewis’ ‘The Power Of Love’ and Nelly Furtado’s ‘Turn Out The Light’.

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