Anyone who found themself stalking the streets of central London yesterday may have been confused to find some comfortable-looking people taking to the roads in some bizarre vehicles. Unless, of course, you’re used to seeing a bed, a sofa and an office desk driving around Theatreland – and you’re not, are you? So let us tell you, there’s no better way to beat the numbing inevitability of a traffic jam in the capital than slipping on your jim-jams, closing your eyes and letting it all pass you by… assuming you’ve got a licensed and awake driver that is. Ahem.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our PR event for the launch of our brand new Experiences website, I Want One Of Those Experiences:




If you want your life to look like those pictures (and you’d be mad not to, surely) then have a look at the World’s Wackiest Racers Experience here. For a plethora of other silly, dangerous, white knuckle-inducing and, above all, fun experiences, look no further than our range of unhinged adventures here.

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