Str-app yourself in for the new awesome app toyz range, the must have toys this Christmas available at

 The App Blaster, The App Wheel, The App Copter and The App Racer follow on from the mobile phone app phenomenon we have seen in recent years. The App Toyz provide an interactive gaming experience that brings FREE apps to life.


 So we know our opinion – they are truly awesome! But what does the press say…?


The App blaster

The App blaster is the world’s first interactive gun for gaming! This is a gun which houses the iPod/iPhone in your viewfinder, giving you the best in viewing and gaming experience. Using the camera on your device you can turn your bedroom, lounge, office or local park into a frontline battlefield protecting your surroundings of oncoming aliens, just simply shoot the aliens using the gun’s two triggers and tilt the gun back to reload. Keep a sharp look out, they could be behind you!

The App Wheel 

You can use the App Wheel along with any driving app to deliver the most realistic driving experience EVER! Ever thought you were a racing driver? Prove your skills in any racing game currently on iTunes. Plug the phone into the AppWheel and feel as if you were at the wheel. Don’t forget to indicate.

 The AppCopter 

The AppCopter – a gyro stabilised 3 channel helicopter controlled using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Together with a unique ergonomic peripheral you will be able to turn this into the most intuitive remote control ever!

 The AppRacer

App-tastic racing…The AppRacer is an ‘off road buggy’ style car that works together with the unique ergonomic peripheral (as used with the AppCopter) and turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into an awesome remote control car.


Apps for the AppToyz can be downloaded free from an iPhone or and iPod Touch app store today. The interactive toys are individually priced, the App Blaster is priced at £19.99, The App Wheel is £9.99, the App Copter is £59.99 and the App Racer is £54.99.

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