It’s all over – our ‘Things We Didn’t Know’ competition is closed after a frantic week of ridiculous facts being posted to our Facebook wall. We now know much, much more than we did a week ago, but we’re unsure about the origin of that “it’s still legal to shoot a Welshman in York with a crossbow” one – I’m sure someone clarified it somewhere. We’re also confident that the “it’s impossible to lick your elbow” one is untrue – someone went to the trouble of posting video evidence of auto-elbow-lickage, so we can lay that one to rest. And the number of times we counted someone relaying the “a pig’s orgasm lasts over half a hour” fact makes us consider all of your sanity. Come on people, do we really need to know that?

So without further ado, we’re happy to announce that the winner of the first iPhone in our mammoth giveaway is…

Martin Pound – “Slinky Plus Escalator = Endless Fun.”

Congratulations Martin. We picked Martin because his ‘fact’ was light-hearted, technically true and not the sort of thing any old mug could look up on Google. And we liked the mental image of someone sitting at the bottom of an escalator, giggling maniacally at the silver spiral’s answer to the conundrum of perpetual motion. Brilliant. 


There were some other almost-as-brilliant entries (we liked the anagrams of “IWOOT iPhone” particularly), but with a little bit of outside-the-box action, Martin’s bagged himself an iPhone – see if you can do the same with this week’s competition, Desktop Sculptures. All the info you need to enter is here.


As for more Things We Didn’t Know, the fun doesn’t stop with the competition – you can go here to our original list at IWOOT, and you can download our TWDK iPhone app too, which will deliver thousands of similarly bizarre facts so that you’ll never be short of a conversation point. If that wasn’t enough, you can see the cream of Things We Didn’t Know each week on our newsletter, which you can sign up for on the homepage (it’s on the left hand side if you scroll down a little).

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