Cripes, this is the penultimate week, isn’t it?! How has it snuck up so quickly? You’ll be telling me it’s almost Christmas next… wait… what?

Anyway, there was another iPhone that needed getting rid of this week, so got you to show us your special talent, unique to you alone. We had a lot of entries that, though freaky in their nature, could be done by several double-jointed individuals we encountered in daily life, so we made doubly sure that we picked something totally unique. In fact, you wouldn’t be wrong in terming this week’s winner as totally bizarre.

Click here and you’ll see Olly Harrison’s winning entry! Congratulations to Olly on finding a middle ground between Thurston Moore and Mark Knopfler, a furrow yet to be totally ploughed. We’re sure you’ll agree that this is a great effort. Aside from that, it poses all manner of questions: where do all those different objects come from? And is the china plate alright after it was unceremoniously hurled aside?! Olly, we need answers.

Several other great efforts were also made, though, and we thought we’d share a couple of the highlights with you.

We're pretty sure IWOOT has never been immortalised on someone's back before.

This one’s ace – amazing effort from facepaint genius Beverley Duffey.

And if you follow the link you’ll be able to see Sarah Cank (complete with perfect comedy soundtrack) making various parts of her body do various icky things. Another hearty well done indeed.

For those among who still have that insatiable desire for an iPhone, have a look at this week’s competition. All we want you to do is show us just how much you need that iPhone – whoever goes furthest, most creatively wins!

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