Last week’s riddles competition meant some serious head-scratching on both our and your parts, and it was great fun to try and guess as many as we could (between bouts of extremely hard work, you understand. Ahem…). There were cryptic ones, silly ones, serious ones, puzzling ones and some slightly bizarre ones, and we were impressed (again, you remarkably clever bunch of people) by so many of them that it was a real challenge to choose just one.

But choose one we did, and it was this one from Lianne Johnson:


My first is in Noise and also in Din,
my second is in Plastic but not in Tin.
My third is in Hour but not in Min, and
my forth is in Goodies but not in Sin.
My fifth is in Needle and also in Pin,
my last is in End but not in Fin
and my whole is something I’d love to Win.

No prizes for guessing the answer (we’ve only got two iPhones left, you know), but the way in which it was delivered was quite charming, we thought. Well done Lianne!

Anyone disappointed not to win should have a look at this week’s competition – we want you to show us the talent that only you can do, no matter what it is (within reason, obviously…).

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