We’re a cruel bunch at times, aren’t we? Making you all think of nature’s most base and engaging conundrum, the meaning of life, and then asking you to distil the answer into one single tweet? What were we thinking?!

As it turns out, we needn’t have worried – we were met with a raft of answers ready to challenge any conventional philosophies, and we consequently learnt an awful lot! As per usual, some of the entries erred on the side of ‘interesting’, with some folk naming idle foodstuffs as the meaning of life. There were several shouts for chocolate, a couple for beer and even one for pasta bake. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

Anyway, after much thought and scrolling up and down the pages of entries, we’ve decided that this week’s winner is:


Richard Harley: “To leave no gadget unplayed with, no paper unturned into a plane, no question ungoogled and no cable unplugged.”


Who can argue with that? Other entries we really liked are listed below.


paulinepppp: #iwootmeaningoflife to live life like my hair is on fire!

timbo1972: #iwootmeaningoflife To have fun and reproduce. At the same time. Whilst unicycling. Blindfolded.

ufp88: #iwootmeaningoflife -Life is totally modifiable, but if you wish to reset your life’s factory settings, press & hold belly button for 3 secs

drquesh: #iwootmeaningoflife is to not live for money, glory or power but to do something so utterly crazy that its ruins become a tourist attraction.

Descartes - thinker, philosopher, Tweeter. 

Well done to everyone (especially Richard) for making us think so hard. I’ve got a bit of a rash from stroking by beard and scratching my head. There’s a full list of entries if you fancy swotting up on your existential ponderings, just click the link. For anyone who was unlucky last week, this week’s competition is here. Dress your pets!

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