This week’s MS Paint competition provided us here at IWOOT Towers with much amusement – we’ve spent ages trawling through the entries and deliberating at length whose was the most impressive, interesting or downright amazing, and we’ve finally come to a decision.

Without further ado, we’re pleased to announce that Andrew Taylor is this week’s winner of our iPhone Competition, for his entry below:

Andrew Taylor

We though that Andrew’s entry, though not the most technically impressive, showed the most thought, the most attention to detail and the most fun. Any fans of The IT Crowd (luckily that includes us) will immediately see how crafty this picture is, but we were more impressed by the way Andrew managed to sneak in plethora of IWOOT products and how he drew our blog staff. It’s a little bit scary that it ended up being quite so accurate, actually. We suspect new office security measures could be in order. Nonetheless, we’ve printed it out and stuck it on the wall.

There were so many worthy entries that it’d take forever to mention them all, but we’ve put a few of our favourites below. If you want to check out the whole lot, then visit the photo gallery on our Facebook page while listening to this music.

Sas Taylor

Richard Readley

Ingram Wilcox

For details of this week’s competition, follow the link.

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