It’s finally here. What are we going to do with ourselves now that the iPhone competitions are over? You can make your own minds up, but I know for a fact that some of us in the office will be weeping in the corner and stuffing our faces with cake (of course some will be overjoyed that they no longer have to think of ideas for competitions).

This final week in particular has yielded some astonishingly good entries, and it’s been a typically mind-numbingly hard decision to select a winner. Even if you didn’t win, we sincerely hope you had a lovely time doing whatever it was that you did to prove to us that you wanted that iPhone the most.

For the final time, then, we’re happy to announce that the iPhone winner is Sarah Cank for the amazing songs and videos that she sent us. There is a condition on her victory, however – Sarah, you must never ever sing on record again:

We were also extremely impressed by several other entries we received, in particular Emma Gorman’s begging box, Nicki ‘Knox’ Parsons’ phone-swap idea, and the hilarious video made by Asher Heigham (literally an incredible effort). Well done guys, we’re sorry you couldn’t all win an iPhone.

The beautiful Begging Cake.

That's right, it's two tin cans tied with string.

Everyone, it’s been emotional.

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