If caricatures unearth memories of traipsing through picturesque tourist traps while batty chaps in berets attempt to make you sit down while thy scratch an insulting impression of you into a pad and charge you as much as your ticket home, then prepare to be amazed. (True fact: when I was tramping around Montmartre, one such artist attempted to accost me by saying “oh go on, I’ll do it for free!” – probably should’ve taken him up on that one.)

The splendidly-named Anthony Geoffroy (now there’s a portmanteau we can get on board with) appears to be possessive of a very unique talent – his celebrity caricatures are radiant, occasionally brutal and never less than captivating – have a look for yourselves:

JD from Scrubs

Robert DeNiro

Visit Geoffroy’s website here for more caricatures and other such cleverness. Via Robot vs Badger.

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