Only those who’ve been to a Butlins can truly understand how surreal ATP can be. I spent a few weekends ago at a festival curated by The Breeders and I’m still reeling from the experience. Firstly, what a genius idea: a festival hosted indoors where everybody gets to stay in their own chalet. The weather was terrible for ATP this year and if, like me, you’re sick to death of having your tent swept away by torrential rain then having a nice warm bed, a kitchen and a television with 2 channels dedicated to programs chosen by the headline band is just what you want to come back to after a day of rocking out.

Nothing can describe the ethereal experience (well, I say nothing – it stands to reason there must be something otherwise this sentence is going to be really disappointing) of listening to live musicians create intense and sometimes brutal sonic landscapes whilst knowing that not 20 yards away there’s a ten foot statue of Bob the Builder.

When everything got a bit much (there’s only so much noisecore a man can take before his brain turns to porridge) I spent many an hour in the arcade, shooting zombies, winning cuddly toys and wasting tons of two pence pieces desperately trying to collect enough tokens to claim a Butlins pencil.


If you love your music, but can’t stand the thought of chemical toilets then you need to check this out. There’s quite a few ATP events to choose from and you’re always sure to find something that tickles your fancy. I’m off there again for the Nightmare Before Xmas – maybe I’ll see you there.

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