This, though a little unnerving, is very impressive. As regular readers (hello you!) may be aware, we ran a competition seeking the best MS Paint competition a while back, with some stunning results. However, none of them were quite as barmy as the picture created by someone calling themselves “scorpiongold”. We’re assuming that’s one of those internet names that weedy people have to make themselves feel a little better about themselves. He’s only fifteen, poor flower.

Still, our friend scorpiongold has depicted an entire world in surprising detail, with an almost Bruegel-esque level of observation. Apparently four years in the making, we can only hope that it continues to grow and become even more extensive. This video flits about the painting and allows you to get an idea of exactly how detailed it is (we can only apologise for the Dragon Force-esque soundtrack – not our decision).

Via Mashable.

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