Everyone needs a little injection of the surreal throughout the course of the working day. From the time Bill in accounts tripped over the watercooler to when Mindy in finance sneezed six times in a row, we all need our fix.

Imagine the reaction here at IWOOT Towers, then, when JimboWoot burst through the doors just before lunch with this:



That’s right, folks, it’s a fridge. For the office. Not the kitchen, the office. Why didn’t we think of this before? It’s heartening to see our new arrival get the seal of approval, too – there’s a welcoming hug from JennaWoot and a fond pat from KieranWoot. We can’t wait to fill our new friend with luncheon feasts to last us through to January.

There’s a virtual pat on the back waiting for whoever can guess how much JimboWoot paid for this lifesaver…

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