Every day one of the creative team is responsible for making the rest of the team lunch. More often than not, it’s baguettes or wraps. It’s a logical system that benfits us all. The only thing that has from time-to-time thrown a curve ball our way is the fact that JennaWoot is a vegetarian. Initially I thought this would would be the day I least looked forward to lunch. Boy, has she proven me wrong. The hard cold facts are that I love meat, and will never have the will power or the drive to remove it from my life. That aside, I have a new found respect for the culinary ways of the strong-willed ones. I have been fortuante enought to experience the delights of asparagus on a bbq and grilled halloumi cheese. I am constantly on the lookout for new delicious vegetarian things to eat, because we all know that a few veg dinners mid-week are actually GOOD for you.

It is with this in mind that I found Rike Sita’s blog – gibberlicious. It is full with wonderful veg based recipes, and whilst scouring through all of them, found myself laughing hysterically at this particular pie. All meals are provided with step by step instructions, and nice photo slide shows. Give it a read, I’m sure like me, you will find yourself drooling:)


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