As the days grow longer and the sun dares to peek out from the clouds, as trousers become shorts and our shoes become espadrilles, it’s apparent that summer is edging its way in and attempting to have its 5 minutes of fame amongst the dim spring.

This week we’re thinking about summer festivals and what we need to get ready for them. Here at IWOOT we’ve got together three things that you can bring along to your festivals to maximise your fun and get the most out of your time there.

Stone Roses Sofa Tent

stone roses


When you arrive at a festival, you’ll be carrying tons of gear: rucksacks, clothes and most importantly: crates of beer. Chances are you will have walked a couple of miles from the car parks to the entrance , and then you’ll have to queue up. If you’re a fan of the famous ‘early bird passes’ that get you into festivals first, then by the time you’ve gotten to your chosen plot of land, you won’t fancy constructing a tent.

Our solution: The Stone Roses Sofa Tent – Simply ‘pop up’ and get started on the fun!


Portable Iphone Charger

iphoen charger


It’s a bit of a no-brainer really, when mobile phones were first released, we only had to make calls and send texts, so phones could be switched off to take a break on holidays and festivals, or batteries would even last the whole weekend. Now however, with decent cameras, video recording and social media on our phones, we always want to film stuff, record things and so our batteries quickly drain.

Our Solution: Portable Iphone Charger – never be without the battery to record your favourite balland, and make emergency calls of course!


Self Stir Mug

Festivals involve lots of alcohol and drinking, which will leave you dehydrated and hungover, so what better remedy than a hot cup of tea?! But that’s not all, this mug actually stirs itself – how does that sound for an effortless cure to partying!?

self mug

Our Solution: Self Stir Mug – Because hangovers are a little more brutal when you sleep in a tent!

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