So this time it was JennaWoot’s turn to craft something magical with our trusty Zoku. After an initial false start (Smeggy, our freezer, decided he didn’t like having his door shut completely), we re-froze and got underway.

But what were her flavours of choice? Would she be able to top the majestic Kopparberg lolly from the other day? Have a little look at our pictures below to find out…


That’s right, folks. JELLY AND CUSTARD.

First of all, though, Lemonade and Jelly Babies:


JimboWoot gives it two hands…


While DannyWoot pulls it to pieces.

Next up, a three-layered Coffee lolly – that’s coffee, milk and chocolate on top, with ACTUAL COFFEE BEANS in there somewhere:

Look closely for the beans...

JennaWoot admires her own handiwork…

And finally, what we’ve all been waiting for… Jelly and Custard. It’s like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in here.

Sweet satisfaction.

JimboWoot is a man at peace.



Jelly end was better.

JennaWoot celebrates her lolly success. With a lolly.

Well, she really pulled it out of the bag, didn’t she? The coffee one didn’t ttaste the best (spoonful of sugar might help next time) but it certainly looked amazing. The Lemonade and Jelly Babies concoction was delicious and took the advertised 7 minutes to freeze, while the jelly and custard combo took rather a long time – and was then almost impossible to remove from the machine itself. You have been warned. It was, however, ruddy scrumptious, so it was definitely worth it.

It’s hard to see where we might go from here, but expect an update soon…

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