The incredible efforts of Johnny ‘Sticky’ Budden are being documented in the forthcoming film, ‘1000 Miles of Parkour’. What, you might reasonably inquire, is the big idea? Well, Sticky (as we’ll call him) is basically travelling the distance from John O’Groats to the Eiffel Tower using only his Parkour skills and some serious determination, and all for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Obviously this involves a rather large amount of physical determination (seriously, the guy’s like Superman with better dress sense), and you can find out exactly what sort of challenge he’s been facing by watching this:

So a bit more than sliding down the banister rail, then. To aid him on his journey, we’ve supplied Sticky with one of our very own Muvi Atom cameras to shoot some footage of his own – hopefully we’ll be able to show you some of the results when he’s finished the challenge. Speaking of which, Sticky is going to be running through the streets of London this Sunday as part of his challenge in the London Parkour marathon – so why not get yourself down there and cheer him on?

You can donate to Johnny’s JustGiving page here, and visit him at his website here. He’s currently in Melton Mowbray, so not far to go now!

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