They’re the reason any of us exist, so before you go and choose what Mother’s Day Gifts you’ll be buying this year, why not learn some thought-provoking facts about mothers all around the world. Whether you just want to brush up on some trivia to dazzle your mum on her card or are interested in the history of mothering around the world – get informed with our 10 great facts about mums.

Mother, Father and Child

1. There are over 2 billion Mums on the planet.

This means that almost 30% of the world’s population – which is currently hovering around 7.125 billion people – is currently a mother.

2. Nearly every language in the world has a similar word for mother.

This is because humans, throughout history, have interpreted the first sounds of a child to be the baby saying their name – usually the sound ‘mama’. And guess who’s usually there first to hear and help nurture the beginnings of a child’s language acquisition? You guessed it – their Mum.

Mother and Daughter

3. 69% of the UK have admitted to missing at least one Mother’s Day.

This is only compounded by the fact that as many as one in five of us (20%) has confessed to missing it more than five times over the years. If you’re in this 20%, make up for it this year by getting your mum something great from our spa & pamper days selection.

4. 4.3 Children are born every second.

This means that 258 women are giving birth to a child every minute. If you extrapolate this out, it means that 15,480 children are born every hour; or 371,520 a day. This totals out at 135.6 million children being born every year! That’s a lot of new mouths to feed!

Mother Duck

5. Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for most restaurants.

I think we all know this one to be true – especially if you’ve ever tried to treat your mum to a nice meal on mother’s day at one of her favourite restaurants. Why not cook her something yourself this year – doing something personal for your mum is always a great idea and they’ll always appreciate the effort.

6. The average age of a first-time mum has increased from 21 years old in 1970, to 25.

As living standards around the world continue to increase, and as Women’s rights and equality have become major policy points for most of the developed world and countries with equal voting rights, women are taking more time to develop a career and figure out what they want to do with their lives before committing to having children.

Mother and Child on a Beach

7. More phone-calls are made on mother’s day than any other day of the year.

Though this figure is reportedly decreasing every year as more and more of us turn to email, Skype and other internet based ways of telling our mums how much we love them. This is also true of Mother’s Day cards – the third most popular kind of greetings card – as greater numbers of us are turning to sending e-cards.

8. 72% of women with a child over 1 year old are working, versus 39% in 1976.

This mirrors the above fact about the average age of first-time mums – especially in some Scandinavian countries where they provide universal childcare for all women and better paternity leave to help fathers balance the parenting workload.

Old Mother

9. The oldest known Mum to give birth was Rosanna Dalla Corte aged 63.

Signora Dalla Corte gave birth to her baby boy in 1994. The youngest recorded mother in the world is Lina Medina, who gave birth via caesarian section at the age of five years, seven months and 17 days. Her child was named after the doctor who delivered it, who also helped put Lina and her child through education.

10. Over 50 countries around the world celebrate some form of Mother’s Day.

Though not all fall on the same day. Here in the UK, Mother’s Day, otherwise known as Mothering Sunday, falls on the fourth Sunday in lent, meaning that the date changes every year based on a complicated set of rules that revolve around the phases of the moon. This year, it falls on the 15th of March, so make sure you don’t forget to pick up some great mother’s day gifts for your mum before it’s too late!

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