Home & Garden

Translate the latest trends into your home and make your house a home you can't wait to come back to everyday. If you want to completely re-decorate your home, stylishly revamp any room in your house, or even just add a touch of extra chic to your humble abode, then you'll find everything you need right here at IWOOT. We have a wide selection of indoor and outdoor home and garden products that will compliment any home ranging from quirky clocks and comedy mugs to flashy retro kitchen appliances and super funky lighting. What are you waiting for? Pick up some gift ideas for your loved ones, or a little treat for yourself right here, right now!


From classy bed linen and extravegant wall murals for the master bedroom, to quirky prints and shelving for the kids' rooms, there is something to jazz up any bedroom here at IWOOT. Perhaps you're looking for interior design inspiration for your teenager's bedroom, or want to replace those naff pillows in the spare room, or maybe you just want to add some unique little touches to your own bedroom? Whatever your motive, we have it covered.


If you are looking for some colourful and unique additions to your bathroom, the latest bathroom trends, or simply need to replace the soap dish then you might just be in luck! Browse our range of extra chic to extra geek bathroom decor, accessories and gadgets to pick yourself some essentials that will be bring some extra fun to bath time at superb prices.


With the kitchen being the heart of our homes, it is important to make it an exciting and inviting place to be. Whether you have a grand open plan kitchen and a snug little food prep area, we have everything you could ever need from practical must have equipment and innovative gadgets to conventional kitchen accessories with curiously unusual qualities.

Funky Home Accessories

We have scoured the land of home decor to bring together all the most wonderful and wacky items for your home all in one place. From quirky little extras for your living room and beautiful art work for your hallway, to unique interior ideas and never-seen--before homeware gadgets, you'll find yourself wanting all of it!

From cushions to cookie cutters, clocks to chocolate fondue sets, mugs to mojito muddlers, and wall murals to wine chillers, we have everything you could every possibly need to make your home cosy and inviting. Not buying for yourself? Treat yourself or loved one's home to our Home and Garden range, with the added bonus of our great value prices and free delivery on all orders over ten pounds.